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Blu-Long Organic Oolong Tea


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Brilliant indigo blue butterfly pea flower adds vibrant color to floral Four Seasons Spring oolong tea from Taiwan. The addition of fragrant lemongrass and bright, juicy dried lemon turns the butterfly pea into a luscious, luminous shade of purple. The blend is finished with the cold pressed essential oil of fresh cedrat citrus, which has an ancient history and is prized everywhere from South China to the Mediterranean for its sweet, floral and zesty top notes. Comes in a 4oz pouch ready for retail or food service. TASTING NOTES Floral Four Seasons oolong with aromatic lemongrass and dried lemon that turn the butterfly pea flower into a luminous shade of purple. CAFFEINE LEVEL Low Based on a 8oz cup of tea made with suggested steeping method relevant to the tea type. An average cup of coffee contains about 90 – 120 mg / 8oz cup.

Ingredients: Organic black tea, essential oil of bergamot. • Product Language: English • Storage: Shelf-stable • Weight: 4 oz (113.4 g)