Passion Fruit Honey and Matcha Bourbon Highball

Passion Fruit Honey and Matcha Bourbon Highball

Posted on July 28, 2020

Matcha is green tea powder. It’s nutty, earthy, and slightly caffeinated. We’re making a simple whiskey spritzer that combines matcha with our incredible passionate fruit honey. 

Ingredients for TWO drinks:

4 oz. bourbon whiskey (we tried it with Russell’s Reserve and weren’t disappointed)

1.25 oz. passionate fruit honey syrup

1.25 oz. fresh lemon juice

1/2 tsp. matcha green tea powder

8 oz. unflavored seltzer

Combine whiskey, honey syrup, lemon juice, and matcha in a cocktail tin. The matcha powder can be tricky to incorporate. Begin by stirring vigorously in the tin with a small cocktail whisk or fork. Then add ice and shake until the tin is really cold. Strain into two collins or highball glasses filled with ice, being sure to leave at least a quarter of the glass for the seltzer to come. The matcha powder can stick to the sides of the cocktail tin, so we add a second rinse by pouring the seltzer into the shaker, swirling around (don’t shake) and pouring into the glasses. Garnish with a lemon wedge or twist. Take it to the porch and enjoy yourself. Enjoy.

-MH Co.